Director and Staff

Director & Secretary(Ex-officio)

Shri Kamal Nihalani Name: Shri Kamal Nihalani
Designation: Director and Incharge of Publication Department
Introduction: Shri Kamal Nihalani has retired as Senior Programme Presentator, from Bhuj station of All India Radio(Ministry of Information & Broadcast), in the year 2012.
During his 37 years of service he has Directed/Produced more than 300 Sindhi Radio Plays and musical as well as Documentary Features.
Amongst all the approved Drama Artists including Gujarati & Kachchhi on the panel of AIR Bhuj & Ahmedabad, Shri Nihalani is the only Artist graded as ‘A’. He has performed vivid characters in various Radio and stage plays. He has also delivered more than 50 Radio Talks/Talklets on different subjects, and conducted many special audience programmes, discussions, Interviewed celebrities & other prominent personalities of various walks of life. In the history of AIR Bhuj, it was first time that Sh. Nihalani produced 52 episodes of Sindhi language learning lessons. The concept was well appreciated and was helpful in promoting Sindhi language to a great extend.
Being a professional broadcaster he has been extending his consultancies for auditions & staff trainings to programme presentators & News Readers of All India Radio.
Shri Nihalani is always helping and encouraging the new & budding Artists & Talkers. Infact he has considerably enriched the archival library of Sindhi Section of AIR.
He holds good positions in various social, cultural & educational organizations, viz: Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha, Gujarat Sindhi Maha Sangh, Sindhu Sewa Samiti (Bhuj), Power Patti Education & Medical Trust (Nirona- Taluka Nakhatrana) etc… Now he has joined Indian Institute of Sindhology as Director from January 2016

Cultural University Department

Ms Seema Gurnani Name: Ms. Seema Gurnani
Qualification: B.Sc, B.Ed, Retired teacher from Adarsh Kanya Vidyalaya, G’dhm
Designation: Incharge Higher Education, Research department. Translation & Transcription.
Experience: Joined IIS in 2007. Prepared Bi & Trilingual Dictionaries. Did translation & transcription work, helped to prepare Sindhi Bhasha Pustak for CIIL, Mysore, and website translation for NTM (CIIL). Translation & transcription works done by department
Name: Ms. Pushpa Wadhwani
Qualification: Jr.College, Diploma in stiching
Designation: Senior Computer Operator
Experience: Joined IIS in 1993. Type setting of Rachna magazine & other books in Sindhi.
Ms. Rajni Sawlani Name: Ms. Rajni Sawlani
Qualification: BA
Designation: Senior Computer Operator
Experience: Worked as Computer Instructor at Ashirwad Institute. Joined IIS in 2005. Type setting of Dictionaries & so many books prepared in Department. Helped in making CD Rom of Idioms & Proverbs for Sindhi Sangat (Dubai)
Ms. Kavita Bachwani Name: Ms. Kavita Bachwani
Qualification: SSC, STC, Sudhakan (Hindi), Retired Principal of Adarsh Primary School, G’dham.
Designation: Visiting Research Scholar
Experience: Joined IIS in 2009. Prepared Bi & Trilingual Dictionaries, Translation & Transcription work done in Department.

Library Department

Mr Mukesh Tilokani Name: Mr. Mukesh Tilokani
Qualification: M.A (Sindhi), B, Lib.sci
Designation: Librarian (Senior) I.I. Sindhology – Adipur
Experience: Library joined in 1991, Sub-Editor, Rachna Quarterly Magazine (From 2013),Casual Radio Announcer(A.I.R. Bhuj–2010)
His Published Books are 1) Pyar Tanza Mazaak(2006) 2) Sachu Mari Viyo (2010) 3) Selected Poetry of Shah Abdul Latif (2012) 4) Koora Jo Janamu (2015).
Mukesh Tilokani is amateur artist of Drama & Music also.
chandra-khemnani Name: Ms.Chandra S.Khemnani
Qualification: B.A with special subject(Home Science) from Gujarat University), (BLIS)Bachelor of Library & Information Science from IGNOU University, & Training of Library’s software from INFLIBNET Ahmedabad.
Designation: Library Assistant
Experience: Working in Sindhology since 1999. Working for Library, Documentation Centre, Museum and Chitra Shala, Also doing D.T.P work in Sindhi.
Name: Mrs. Poonam Vijay Lalchandani
Qualification: M.A. (Hindi)
Designation: Senior Computer Operator
Experience: Joined IIS in 2006.Expert in DTP (Sindhi -both scripts- and English),Photo editing (Photoshop),Basic knowledge of hardware